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[Resolved] Unscheduled Downtime Notification: Fremont, CA, USA

A short time ago we noticed an issue with our router in Fremont, CA, USA. During an assessment of the device, the device has gone unreachable, and we are awaiting intervention via Remote Hands to assess and provide us with additional information.   We will keep this announcement updated as we get more information.   --- +35min RH has ... Read More »


Delay in Provisioning of IP Subnets

Hello,    Until further notice, for IPv6 Subnet allocations we will be performing allocations once per week (sunday) while we are intergrating users over to our automated system which will allow for Prefix Allocation, rDNS reallocation, RPKI Certifications etc in real time.    Sorry for any inconveniences caused.    -Cloudie Networks. Read More »